Anna Eshoo

Kevin Mullin

State Senator
Josh Becker

State Assemblyman
Marc Berman

Supervisor Warren Slocum
Board of Supervisors

Supervisor Dave Pine
Board of Supervisors

 Supervisor Ray Mueller
Board of Supervisors

Sheriff Christina Corpus
San Mateo County

San Mateo County District
Attorney Steve Wagstaffe

(Alphabetical Order)

  • Mark Addiego, Councilmember, South San Francisco
  • Susan Alvaro, San Mateo County Board of Education, Trustee, Area 1
  • Emily Beach, Vice Mayor, Burlingame
  • Sue Beckmeyer, Mayor pro Tem, Pacifica
  • Mary Bier, Councilmember, Pacifica
  • Christine Boles, Councilmember, Pacifica
  • Rick Bonilla, Former Mayor, San Mateo
  • Elizabeth Bredall, Trustee, Pacifica School District
  • Michael Brownrigg, Councilmember, Burlingame
  • Ray Buenaventura, Councilmember, Daly City
  • Angelina Cahalan, Councilmember, Millbrae
  • Marie Chuang, Councilmember, Hillsborough
  • Marge Colapietro, Former Mayor, Millbrae
  • Sophie Cole, Vice Mayor, Hillsborough
  • Ron Collins, Councilmember, San Carlos
  • Donna Colson, Mayor, Burlingame
  • Joanne del Rosario, Councilmember, Colma
  • Lisa Diaz Nash, Mayor, San Mateo
  • Helen Fisicaro, Councilmember, Colma
  • Marina Fraser, Former Mayor, Half Moon Bay
  • Rich Garbarino, Former Mayor, South San Francisco
  • John Goodwin, Mayor, Colma
  • Tom Hamilton, Vice Mayor, San Bruno
  • Rich Hedges, Councilmember, San Mateo
  • Christine Krolik, Mayor, Hillsborough
  • Wayne Lee, Trustee, San Mateo County Community College District
  • Adam Loraine, Councilmember, San Mateo
  • Nancy Magee, Superintendent, San Mateo County Office of Education
  • Leslie Marden Ragsdale, Councilmember, Hillsborough
  • Julia Mates, Mayor, Belmont
  • Marty Medina, Councilmember, San Bruno
  • Rico Medina, Mayor, San Bruno
  • Mark Nagales, Councilmember, South San Francisco
  • Rob Newsom Jr., Deputy Mayor, San Mateo
  • Flor Nichols, Councilmember, South San Francisco
  • Kim Oliff, Hillsborough City School District, Board President
  • Anne Oliva, Former Mayor, Millbrae
  • Ricardo Ortiz, Councilmember, Burlingame
  • Gina Papan, Councilmember, Millbrae
  • Naomi Patridge, Former Mayor, Half Moon Bay
  • Adam Rak, Councilmember, San Carlos
  • Diana Reddy, Former Councilwoman, Redwood City
  • Carlos Romero, Councilmember, East Palo Alto
  • Susan Rose, Former County Supervisor, Santa Barbara
  • Al Royse, Councilmember, Hillsborough
  • Jim Ruane, Former Mayor, San Bruno
  • Michael Salazar, Councilmember, San Bruno
  • Carrie Slaughter, Councilmember, Colma
  • Peter Stevenson, Councilmember, Burlingame
  • Adrienne Tissier, Board of Supervisors (Former)
  • John Ward, Board of Supervisors (Former)

(Partial list)

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